Every Moment

Reflections on Cultivating a Life of Gratitude



Every Moment Alive

Every moment is alive with the potential to produce life. At the heart of every moment is an opportunity to respond. Indeed, it is the only control we have over our lives. Though our responses do not always change our outcomes, they transform who we are, how we live, and how we impact those around us.

Our responses are based upon our perspectives. Gratitude is one such perspective that soars above the rest, like a mountain peak positioning us to overlook the landscape of our lives with clarity, humility, and a spirit of service. It cuts through offense and entitlement, and recognizes the sacrifices that have been given to make our lives possible. It spurs us on to distribute to others what we have been freely given…

About Elyse

Elyse is a lover of Jesus, a wife to Bryan her beloved, and a school district employee where she serves the students in the hometown where she grew up. Besides writing, Elyse’s passions include playing the violin, prayer, reading, hiking, and a good cheeseburger.

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