Month: January 2010

At His Feet

So it’s been two weeks, but here I am! I haven’t forgotten this, though, to be sure. It’s been an odd week, especially compared with the freedom and peace I felt at the start of the month. And to surrender to the messy process of writing is not an easy feat. It requires getting my …

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Sunrise Prayers

For those of you who weren’t able to enjoy the sunrise this morning, here is what it looked like. I didn’t want you to miss out. On Monday, a girl in our prayer group saw a picture in her mind of Seattle, all laid out in rolling green hills with the Space Needle in the middle. The …

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All Things New

I’ve begun reading Three Cups of Tea, and am loving it. Sometimes I get a little lost in their writing, which sometimes reminds me of my own, ha–the same complex semantic wanderings that lead me back to the beginning of the sentence to reread it (however their writing is superbly better than mine). But it’s also a …

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