Courage to Be Whole-Hearted

A thought: We talk frequently about being “whole-hearted” lovers of Jesus. This phrase, quite frankly, terrifies me. It means that I must surrender every piece of my heart to Him, and my greatest fear is that my foolish pride or some hidden lie will keep me in the habit I most greatly desire to break, and disable me from entrusting “my whole heart” to Him. And yet again, I will have failed.

However, I recently learned the definition of courage from the original latin, which is: “To tell your story with your whole heart.” What if being “whole-hearted” is less (initially) about being fully able to immediately surrender every part, and instead, starts in this place of vulnerability and raw honesty with God about where your heart really is?

Of course trust is the fundamental issue that keeps people from being vulnerable, much less fully giving oneself over. However, I find that trust is established in phases. And when I find that I can trust the gentility and mercy of God to receive my honesty, grace is released to trust Him with the issues themselves.

So what if being a “whole-hearted” lover of Jesus has more to do than we thought with our vulnerability and willingness before the Lord? Perhaps it’s less of a frightful, untimely tearing of the heart, and more like what we see in David, who hid nothing, exposed everything, and allowed the grace of God to work its way into His heart like a balm, healing the wounds and lies that were the true sources of his sin.

Just a thought.


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