Poor in Spirit (Pt 4): Sharing Our Inheritance

“Blessed are the Poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted” (Matt. 5:3-4).

This Beatitude is such a deep well, and an abundant source for all of the following beatitudes. Even as I was asking for more revelation on it, I encountered a situation that indeed brought revelation–and broke my heart.

The other day, I saw someone from high school at the grocery store. I felt prompted to go and talk to him and… I choked and went on my merry way! I asked forgiveness and prayed that he would encounter the Lord’s love, even though I declined to be a vessel of it.  I felt a little better, especially since the Lord is merciful, and because I know that I am made righteous by the blood of Jesus.

As I was praying over this verse the next morning, I realized that I was ok with it because I was ok. Because I am still saved and still loved, I was ok with the loss of that conversation. Oh Lord, help me. Because I cannot be ok with disobedience, and further, I cannot be ok with people going to Hell–especially when the Holy Spirit prompts me to a ripe harvest.

This is not to dwell in condemnation (or to bring it), but to come to a revelation of the precious value of humanity to the Lord. I have lived too long complacent with this attitude. I’ve certainly felt grief over my sin when I’ve passed up an opportunity, but I’ve been predominantly concerned over my own status before the Lord and feeling right, vs. mourning over the other person, and being provoked to intercede for them.

Someone “Poor in Spirit” not only realizes the gap between their current state and heaven’s riches, but remembers the extent from which they have been saved–and furthermore, as mourning ensues over the devastation of sin in the world, are compelled to bring healing to this broken world so others may experience the glorious inheritance reserved for them in Christ.

A few weeks, ago, we were talking in our staff meeting about Romans 1:14:

“I am under obligation both to Greeks and to Barbarians, both to wise and to foolish.”

Paul is now free to follow the Lord–he is not under obligation, right? So what does he mean? Our director, referenced Paul’s previous comment about his labor in prayer for the Roman church. Paul’s obligation, his compulsion, rather, comes from a realization of his own need, his own massive transformation, and all that he owes–so much so that nothing can stop him from preaching.

This is a dimension of being poor in spirit–the full awareness of, not only our current need, but also our previous circumstances, all considered in light of what we have inherited in the kingdom of heaven. As we gaze upon the glorious nature of the Lord, and are filled with desire for Him, let us be fueled to extend the Word of God to others with power. Let it start in the grand revelation and continual meditation on the Lord, that we not be consumed by our own efforts. Rather, as we burn with passionate love for the Godhead, let it erupt with joyful proclamation to the nations.

Lord, let your glory cover the earth as we become low.

2 thoughts on “Poor in Spirit (Pt 4): Sharing Our Inheritance”

  1. “As we gaze upon the glorious nature of the Lord, and are filled with desire for Him, let us be fueled to extend the Word of God to others with power.” Thank you, Elyse! So very meaningful… I appreciate the manner in which you connected up being “poor in spirit” with being “fueled” as we gaze on His glory.

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