The Scent of Life

I am not sure I believe that this is May. It feels a bit like an extended winter, the spell of an evil magician who is keeping us captive in February. The occasional day like yesterday reminds me that this cold will hopefully not last. I was walking to IHOP on Friday morning when this crossed my mind. A slate-gray slab of sky  established itself overhead and a chill wind ushered me forward. However, even in the cold, one thing remained to remind me that this was no winter morning:

The scent of life was all around me.

Even under these stony skies, the cherry blossoms, the emerging leaves, and budding flora had warmed the air with fragrant reminders that appearances do not proclaim the fullness of reality. Spring is still happening. The intense growth that happens during the winter is still bearing fruit during this season.

Despite the governing temperature of the air, the reality of Spring is well and alive in the earth.

I know that many of us are undergoing some trials, myself included. But I was so encouraged to be reminded of the faithfulness of God in this observation. Despite pervading fears and tremors that seemingly permeate our world’s atmosphere, we can be confident that beauty is persistent–because true life has been determined by our Lord who reigns over every season.

I hope that the Lord will encourage you by reminding you that the darkest days for the disciples were right after Jesus was crucified, little knowing that their greatest victory was in His death, and that the work done in the darkest night produced the greatest fruit.

“Truly, truly, I say to you, unless a grain of wheat falls into the earth and dies, it remains alone; but if it dies, it bears much fruit”

(John 12:24).

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